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Pediatric Chiropractic Care and Pinnacle Chiropractic

We often get the question, how is your office different than a traditional chiropractic office? This is a great question and there are multiple reasons why we are different. You should take your child to a properly trained pediatric chiropractor if you have a child or children with struggles like ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, chronic immune challenges, and other similar challenges. Here are 3 reasons why our office is different than traditional chiropractic offices.

  1. Our office is over 90% pediatrics

You wouldn’t want to take your children with the above challenges to a traditional chiropractor. Traditional chiropractors are used to seeing patients with headaches, back pain, sciatica, and other similar pain conditions. While, they may be able to see your child and adjust them, they do not have similar experience working with children and your results may not be as favorable. In our office, we see 50 plus children a day that come in with the above challenges. We have experience working with children and know how much care they require to correct the underlying dysfunction with the nervous system. avelee

  1. Our office has advanced training in pediatrics and prenatal care

We have chiropractors on staff that have advanced training in children and pregnant women care. These are post-graduate training courses to be able to deliver the best quality care for specifically children and pregnant women. Once again, most traditional chiropractors have advanced training in seeing patients with different pain conditions. Parents take their children to pediatricians not geriatric medical doctors. fun photo 2

  1. Our office environment is set up for kids

Our office is a super laid back office that is set up to see kids of all ages. We specifically have a play area with toys and coloring items that the kids can play with. We also see a lot of sensory/spectrum kids so meltdowns and tantrums are no big deal in our office. Our staff members have children of their own and can lend a helping hand to parents if a meltdown or tantrum takes place in the office.  You will not be judged by older people in our office because we do not see any patients over the age of 65. The majority of our patients are families and children so our office is more of a community of like minded parents. Multiple of our families will connect with one another while in the office. This makes for an upbeat, fun environment to bring the whole family to! TylerGary   Our office is around 90% pediatrics so we have a ton of experience working with children of all ages. We see children with colic/reflux, chronic immune challenges, autism, ADHD, and Sensory challenges! If you are interested in learning more, give our office a call at 941-822-8828. We would love to help!

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